Why should you consume curd everyday

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Why should you consume curd everyday

Health benefits of Curd

Monday, 27th April 2020

Curd or ‘Dahi’ is a household staple for the Indians. When you are served a bowl of Dahi or curd at every meal you experience a food joy that cannot be put into words. The rich, creamy, soothing and light curd can take your gastronomical experience to a higher level. When milk curdles or undergoes fermentation, you get a thick, smooth and sour substance known by the name of curd or dahi. Yoghurt too is another term by which curd is known to us.


 If you are a true Indian at the core you would definitely love to beat the summertime heat with a tall glass of Lassi or Chaas. But, did you also know that curd could be extraordinarily beneficial for your health? How? Read on to learn...


Improves digestion

Curd is a probiotic loaded with good bacteria. These good bacteria can help in healing the inflamed digestive tract, treating indigestion, and boosting gut health.


Strengthens immunity

Being a natural and effective probiotic curd can boost your immunity power by promoting gut health and digestion. When you a healthy gut your immune system automatically gets stronger.


Improves bone health

Curd improves your bone health and gives you stronger teeth too.  High calcium and phosphorous content of curd pave the way for sound bone health. Thus, if you consume curd everyday you can keep the issues like osteoporosis and arthritis at bay.


Gives healthy skin and hair

Being rich in protein, curd can boost skin & hair health too. When, applied topically curd can moisturize your skin remarkably.


Improves cardiovascular health

Special kind of proteins present in curd combines with minerals like magnesium and potassium to reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.


Prevents fungal infection

The live bacteria present in curd can help you fight against fungal infections in your body.


De-stresses you

Intake of curd can help you beat stress and anxiety. If you are consuming curd, the levels of Cortisol or the stress hormone drops in your brain making you feel relaxed and calm.


Source: NDTV

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