What Will Be the Way Forward Post Lockdown: PM to Confer with CMs on April 27

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What Will Be the Way Forward Post Lockdown: PM to Confer with CMs on April 27

A meeting on the cards

Monday, 27th April 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding a video conference with the chief ministers of all states today in order to speak with them as well as receive their perspectives and comments over the nationwide lockdown in India’s fight against the coronavirus.


The main agenda of the meeting is to assess the coronavirus situation in the country, the extension of the ongoing 40-day lockdown that started on March 25, along with a clear plan of egressing from it as well as to confer on a properly laid out plan of doing so in a step by step manner.


The meeting will also include deliberations and strategizing plans for the future after the lockdown that was last extended on April 14 till May 3.


This is the prime minister’s third exchange with all the chief ministers of the country since the beginning of the lockdown, the last one having concluded on April 11, a few days before the lockdown extension was announced by PM Modi. It is also estimated that at least nine of the ministers are to speak today during the meeting.


During the previous round of video conference, the Centre had sought views of the state chief ministers over various facets of the lockdown including whether more brackets of services and people need to be given exemption. Only essential services were exempted before that.


The Prime Minister had also interacted with the ministers before the imposition of the lockdown on March 24 to consider necessary measures that need to be adopted to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. In their further plan of action, they had also considered a “staggered” exit from the lockdown on their April 2 interaction, post which an extension was supported by all.


It was also agreed that a little relaxation would be granted post April 20 in areas which do not come under “contamination” zones. To this however, states such as Telengana and Delhi, which are both hard hit by the coronavirus, refused to adhere to and carried on with total lockdown.


India is sitting at over 20,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with more than 800 deaths. A minor consolation is that the rate of growth in the number of patients has come down. However, more than 400 districts out of a total of around 700 are still dealing with covid-19 cases.


Source: NDTV

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