E Tail Giants Amazon and Flipkart Urge Government to Allow Sale of Non Essential Goods

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E Tail Giants Amazon and Flipkart Urge Government to Allow Sale of Non Essential Goods

Amazon and Flipkart appeal to the government

Monday, 27th April 2020

While the Centre has relaxed lockdown restrictions on individual retail outlets, online marketing giants have up with their own plea to the government of letting then start selling non-essential items as well. This is also, as per them, keeping in view the benefits of millions of consumers across the country.


A Flipkart spokesperson said in his statement that while they respect the government’s stand of a measured loosening of strings for retailers, keeping in mind the security of all concerned, a step-by-step opening of non-essential goods on online platforms will easily help meet customer demands. This step will not only assist people in having access to equipment that will enable them to work from home but also stay in contact with one another, apart from dealing with the rising mercurial temperatures.


They also pointed to the fact the e-commerce can easily align with the government directives of social distancing while catering to customer needs. This is a safe and secure way to contain the situation and help the government to continue in their efforts, as per the official statements. It will at the same time, help alleviate piled up inventory of MSMEs.


Amazon too have made statements on similar lines mentioning they are equally committed in the battle against the coronavirus and that this is the safest way to meet client long-term needs while maintaining social distancing norms. It is also a way to help small businesses and retailers and revivify them, which is in fact the need of the hour in view of the economic quagmire the country is in.


During the announcement of the lockdown by PM Narendra Modi last month, sale of non-essential items through e-commerce websites had been put a stop to, in keeping with measures to stem the spread of the pandemic. Only the delivery of essential goods like food and medical items were allowed through e-tail companies.


This decision has greatly disrupted the businesses of several e-commerce companies who were instructed to seek permission to sell essential goods from individual state governments.


Earlier this month, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs issued an order that, except shops in malls and shopping complexes, all shops in residential areas can open for business, upon approval from the respective state governments. They even categorically stated that this does not apply to e-tail sites who will continue to sell only essential goods.



Source: NDTV

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