Trump Negates Assumptions of Joe about Postponement in the November Presidential Elections

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Trump Negates Assumptions of Joe about Postponement in the November Presidential Elections

What Trump thinks about the November elections

Tuesday, 28th April 2020

The US presidential elections, which is due to take place on November 3 this year, has become a contentious topic of late with the statements of Democratic opponent Joe Biden. Last week, during an online fundraiser, Biden who is also the former vice president of the United States, said that President Trump might consider pushing the election dates back owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Donald Trump however completely denied the allegations.


At a White House news conference, the President told reporters that he had no reason to change the dates of the election from its November 3 schedule, totally discrediting Biden’s contention that he was going to find a way to do so behind the façade of the Covid-19 outbreak and its effects.


Calling Biden “Sleepy Joe”, Trump stated that he anticipates the elections like any other member and such petty statements are something that he often comes across and has to deal with.


The presidential vote date in the US is set by federal law and no president can delay it single handedly. It has to have the backing of a legislation passed by the Congress and then duly signed by the president. There is little known about any such precedents.


Political Science scholars at a renowned university in New York comment that we are currently on rather unfamiliar grounds and by November, the scenario might be completely unidentifiable. There is no saying if the elections are going to take place as scheduled or not.


It was only a month and a half ago that Biden clinched his place in the Democratic race by winning ten states while Trump was still holding regular campaign rallies. The scenario has completely altered now with the likely Democratic opponent grappling to come in the public eye with TV interviews and virtual campaigns.


Race for the presidential seat, which would have otherwise been the hot topic for media, has been on a total backburner with public health and economic crisis having taken precedence over everything. Trump too has moved with the flow, giving daily coronavirus taskforce briefings from the White House.


The death toll from Covid-19 in the USA crossing 56,000, the individual parties continue assuming that the worst will be over by November. History reveals that US had gone ahead with its midterm elections in 1918 even when the country was in the clutches of the deadly Spanish Flu that claimed the lives of more than 675,000 people.



Source: Economic times

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