Wonder Foods for Thyroid Management

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Wonder Foods for Thyroid Management

Say NO to Thyroid with wonder foods

Wednesday, 29th April 2020

Do you have a malfunctioning Thyroid Gland? Then, you would be on medications probably. But, did you also know that there are certain foods that could keep your thyroid gland malfunctions in check? Thyroid issues are quite common these days. 1 out of 3 people will have some sort of a thyroid problem. Women are more susceptible to Thyroid issues when compared to men. Thyroid hormone secreted by the Thyroid gland helps in coordinating growth, energy and metabolism in the human body. If all the measure to keep thyroid issues in check, have failed for you of late, you can try out these 3 wonder foods as an antidote for Thyroid. Read on to learn more:



Mango, the juicy luscious tropical fruit and very common fruit available during the summers can help you in your battle against Thyroid. Mangiferin; a bioactive compound present in Mangoes can stabilize blood sugar levels and help in controlling thyroid issues. However, make sure to soak the mangoes for at least 30 minutes in water prior to eating. That’ll remove the anti-nutrients from Mango.



The good fats present in coconut can boost the health of your Thyroid gland and keep your immune power in top form. Thus, chewing dry coconut is a great way to fight Thyroid problems naturally.


Horse gram

Horse gram, commonly known as ‘Kulith’ in India is a great pulse for people suffering from Thyroid problems. You can grind the pulse into flour and make rotis or chappatis out of it. Also, a soup may be made from the Kulith flour and relished. This pulse fosters amino acids assimilation and helps in Thyroid management.


If you can include these 3 food items in your daily diet, you can make a difference to your life by successfully managing your thyroid issues.



Source: NDTV

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