Big B sets Instagram ablaze with his bhara hua kini pic

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Big B sets Instagram ablaze with his bhara hua kini pic

Big B in his unique throwback avatar

Wednesday, 29th April 2020

Amitabh Bachchan’s posts on social media always captivate his fans. But, what he shared recently is a tad bit more interesting. This megastar, aged 77 years told us that somebody had told him to post bikini photos as a trick to boost the ‘numbers on Instagram’. While being unable to post such pictures, Amit ji pinned his thoughts on an ‘alternative’ when he came across a picture of him from 1983 film ‘Mahaan’. That picture is a throwback picture from the sets of this old movie. What are you thinking right now? Big B in Bikini? No, not at all!


 But he was wearing a garb that, in his words was a ‘Bhara hua kini’. Big B posted an interesting collage in his typical Big B-wala style. The collage also stood out as a fabulous anniversary post to commemorate the movie ‘Mahaan’. In this context, it is worthwhile to quote the words of Amitabh Bachchan…


‘Somebody was explaining to me why I was not getting the big numbers on Insta. Unlike all the other youngGen…He said: Because you can’t put up a pic in a bikini! And suddenly this one popped up…not quite a bikini…its more ‘bhara hua kini’ from my film Mahaan. Triple role…And today 37th year of its release!’


Do you believe Amitabh Bachchan did that? Well, you should believe as he has done such things in the past too. last year only Amit ji had posted a throwback photo from his Mauritius tour where we see him in Tees and Swim Trunks and for that pic too he had given an equally funny comment…Stay tuned for more Big B news!



Source: NDTV

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