Coronavirus has taken the lives of 1,074 people in India

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Coronavirus has taken the lives of 1,074 people in India

The number of Confirmed cases tops 33,000

Thursday, 30th April 2020

Government data reports 33,050 confirmed cases with a death toll of 1,074 until today morning. 67 have died in last 24 hours, says the Home Ministry data. The number of patients recovered is 8,325.

Districts that are not hit by coronavirus infection will be given relaxations from May 4th, said the Home Ministry on Wednesday.

Here are the 10 points to be observed with regard to Covid-19.

  • As the cases are increasing, there might be a hold on ending the lockdown on 3rd of May in a few places, official sources declared.


  • On Wednesday, PTI quoted official sources that though the number of “red zones” has decreased from 170 to 129 in 14 days, the number of “green zones” has come down to 307 from 325.


  • Also, the number of “orange-zones” has gone up from 207 to 297.


  • PM Narendra Modi is going to decide if the lockdown will be relaxed or not on May 4th.


  • The centre announced that students, pilgrims, migrant laborers and tourists without coronavirus symptoms can go back to their home states.


  • The states have failed in taking care of the migrant workers and providing them with food, increasing the number of hungry poor in the country.


  • JP Nadda suggested the center to let stranded people return to their hometowns in a virtual meeting with MLAs and MPs, as it might harm the party politically.


  • Remdesivir initially gave hopes as some patients responded to the drug on Wednesday, in the US.


  • The study showed that the rate of recovery was 30% faster in patients on Remdesivir in comparison with those on a placebo.


  • However, its efficiency was not significant among patients in Wuhan, China.



Source: NDTV

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