Lockdown rules are likely to get relaxed after 3rd May

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Lockdown rules are likely to get relaxed after 3rd May

Will government announce lockdown leniency?

Thursday, 30th April 2020

New guidelines with regard to the country’s fight against Covid-19 is likely to give enough relaxations to the various districts and these new rules are likely to be applicable from 4th May onwards; i.e. the date when the countrywide lockdown is supposed to get over...the Union Home Ministry informed about the same this Wednesday.


Through a Twitter post, the spokesperson of the Union Home Ministry informed that the new rules would be declared soon. MHA organized a detailed review meeting this morning to discuss the lockdown scenario. It was stated that the gains from lockdown had been immense till date. It was further said that in order to make sure that the gains achieved do not go for a waste, the lockdown regulations need to be abided by strictly until the 3rd of May.


Today, during the first half the India government has announced permission for the students as well as migrant workers who were all left stranded due to 1 month + countrywide lockdown. The official also stated that as the cases of Covid-19 are still on the rise, lockdown may continue as the ‘new normal’ in some form or the other in certain parts of the country. In its previous update Union Health Ministry had reported that the death toll from Covid-19 has jumped up to 1008 and number of Covid cases to 31, 787 in the country. 71 infected patients have passed away in the last 24 hrs and that’s a record leap with regard to Covid-19 deaths in the country so far.


According to latest stats, the number of Covid-19 ‘Red zones’ (high risk zones) has dropped from 170 to 129 in the last fortnight but again, during that same time period, there has been a decrease in the number of ‘green zones’ (safe zones) from 325 Green Zones to 307 Green Zones. So, reasons to stay safe and follow lockdown rules are many. Also, it has been told that during this time, the number of ‘Orange Zones’ (non-hotspot areas) have risen from 207 Orange Zones to 297.


Sources informed that the final declaration with regard to lockdown leniency will be made by PM Modi.


Source: NDTV


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