How to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner during quarantine

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How to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner during quarantine

Relationship Tips for couples in quarantine

Monday, 4th May 2020

Quarantine and self-isolation can be quite frustrating for some and when you are all the time shut indoors with your partner, it may come to feel more of a burden and less of a boon to you. Some of you may even start missing your personal space and feel claustrophobic. You might have craved for spending time with your partner so long but when you really get an opportunity to do so, you may find that things are not as flowery as you thought it to be. Here are some tips which you could follow to keep your relationship with your partner healthy during your quarantine days…read on to learn more:


Find your ‘Me’ time

You both are quarantined together doesn’t mean that you both will have to hang around each other all the time. We all need personal space to breathe and return to our relations with a renewed zest. So, find that time or space for yourself. You could spend that alone time doing things you love to do such as reading a book or chatting with a friend or taking a nap and the like.


Strike a meaningful conversation

Conversing with partner can be helpful in keeping the sparks flying high. So, make sure to get into a healthy positive conversation. You may help your partner recall the past good memories of your relationship with him or her. In fact, conversation and communication is the key to having a great relationship under any situation.


Choose to be ‘intimate’

The situation that the novel coronavirus has created is indeed stressful. You may be worried about losing your job some day or about your unstable economic status. But, don’t vent your stress on your partner...instead, try and get intimate. Intimacy with partner can help you beat the stress of the times and can strengthen your relationship with him or her.



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