Services that will be functional from May 4th

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Services that will be functional from May 4th

Lockdown is extended till May 17th

Monday, 4th May 2020

Though the lockdown has been extended till 17th of May, some relaxations will be given to certain parts of the country. Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued a new set of guidelines to ensure safety. The country has been divided into three zones- red, orange and green, depending on the severity of the infection. The relaxation will be given accordingly until May 17th.


Here is the list of what will be functional and what will not be:


  • Irrespective of what zone it is, travel via air, metro and rail will not be allowed. Public activities and movement across the states on roads will remain closed.


  • Travel via air, road and rail is possible only with the MHA’s permission, strictly for special purposes.  


  • Schools, colleges and all kinds of coaching centers will remain closed in all zones. Hotels and restaurants will continue to remain closed across the country.  


  • Theatres, malls sports complexes and gyms will remain closed. Public, religious, cultural, political and other gatherings will not be allowed.


  • From 7 am to 7 pm, individuals can move around for essential activities. However, in containment zones, no individuals will be allowed to move.


  • Salons, spas and barber shops in orange and green zones will be permitted to reopen from today.


  • E-retailers have been permitted to sell non-essentials from today in green and orange zones. However, this will not be allowed in red zones.


  • With stern set of rules and guidelines, standalone liquor shops will be allowed to reopen in red, green and orange zones. The shops must follow social distancing rules in order to ensure safety.


  • People with poor health conditions, pregnant women, children below ten and people who are above 65 years of age will be not be permitted to move out unless there is a health emergency.


  • Except for containment zones, clinics and outdoor patient departments will be reopened, with strict social distancing rules.


  • Goods traffic will be allowed and there will not be any restrictions on cargo for cross land-border trade under treaties with neighboring countries by UT or state.


  • Taxis, cabs, rickshaws, intra and inter district busses, spas, salons and barber shops will remain non-functional in red zones.


  • Individuals in red zones can move for permitted activities, but with certain restrictions- a maximum of 2 people excluding the driver will be allowed in four-wheelers and no pillion rider will be permitted in two-wheelers.


  • Maid, drivers, cleaners and other domestic helpers can work. Resident welfare associations in red zones will have to decide if the outsiders should be allowed or not.


  •  Other than in containment zones, all industrial establishments such as Special Economic Zones, Export Oriented Units etc will be allowed to function from today.


  • 33% of the staff will be allowed to work in private offices with the remaining, working from home, in red zones.


  • Two passengers and a driver will be allowed in taxi/cab in orange zones.


  • Pillion riders will be allowed on two-wheelers for inter-district movemrnt for permitted activities in orange zones.


  • All activities will be reopened in green zones, excluding the ones prohibited across the country.


  • With 50% of busses at depots and 50% of seating capacity, buses will be permitted in green zones.



Source: India today

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