Delhi to reopen and lockdown to ease soon

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Delhi to reopen and lockdown to ease soon

Delhi ready to continue life with Covid

Monday, 4th May 2020

As nationwide lockdown enters the 3rd phase, Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal states in s press meet, "The time has come to re-open Delhi. We will have to be ready to live with coronavirus," While announcing the re-opening of Delhi, CM Kejriwal listed out industries & services which have been offered limited relief. The number of positive covid cases in Delhi had been 4122 so far out of which 64 patients have passed away and 1256 have recovered. As per the statement made by Arvind Kejriwal Delhi is well equipped with ‘hospitals and kits’ and well prepared for a phased lockdown removal and easing of lockdown-related restrictions ‘in places other than containment zones’


He further told the reporters that his administrative body has suggested complete sealing of containment zones in Delhi to the Union Government. The other zones apart from the containment zones can be labeled as ‘green zones’. He also added that shops in Delhi may be re-opened on a restrictive odd-even basis. He also assured the reporters and through them the general public that if the number of positive cases soar in Delhi after complete removal of lockdown, Delhi is prepared with the right kind of infrastructure to tackle that rise. He also told that private offices in Delhi can reopen but the not more than 33% of the net workforce will be permitted to attend office. Industry sectors like manufacturing of essential goods, manufacturing of IT hardware can continue functioning.


Apart from that, e-commerce activities related to essential goods, then warehouses, call centers, IT services and personal security services too can continue as per Kejriwal’s statement. While the major shopping hubs such as Khan Market and Connaught Place will remain closed, shops therein selling essential goods can stay open. Also, residential footpath shops, standalone shops, neighborhood shops, stationary shops selling both essential as well as non-essential goods can now open up. Furthermore, people who are self-employed such as electricians, plumbers, house maids and technicians can resume work. While there’s no permission for the public transport to ply yet, private transport systems like two-wheelers and four-wheelers will be allowed to ply. Four wheelers will be allowed to carry up to 2 people plus a driver and the 2 wheeler will be allowed to carry a maximum of 1 person.



Source: NDTV

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