How to control hair breakage

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How to control hair breakage

Anti-hair breakage tips

Wednesday, 6th May 2020

Hair breakage is a very common problem which many experience. When your hair strands turn weak or undergo follicular damage, they tend to turn brittle & break off easily. Improper hair care routine can weaken hair overtime and lead to hair breakage. Here are some effective tips on how you could keep hair breakage at bay and have dense, healthy on:


Using the right shampoo can minimize hair breakage significantly. Most hair shampoos will have Surfactants as their active ingredient. For those with oily hair, hair shampoos containing Anionic surfactants (e.g. sodium lauryl sulphate & sodium laureth sulphate) are ideal but if one has dry, coloured or damaged hair one should always pick a shampoo that’s non-anionic. The reason is that Anionic shampoos tend to dry hair and increase its brittleness.


The number of hair washes matter. People with curly hair and dry hair, should go for only 1 hair wash per week but those with straight hair and oily hair, can wash hair regularly with a mild shampoo. For curly hair and dry hair, there won’t be much of the coating of sebum or natural oil on the hair. So, regular shampooing could cause much moisture loss, dryness & brittleness.


Also, you should be thorough with hair washing. If you do not wash your hair properly, the products you apply on hair may collect on your hair irritating your scalp and causing irritant dermatitis. That too cause increased hair breakage.


The conditioner you use is very important. For treating the issue of hair breakage, its best to opt for a protein-based deep conditioner...if the hair is quite damaged, leave-in conditioner is the best.


Oiling hair the right way can keep hair breakage woes at bay. You need to apply the oil prior to shampooing and also post shampooing. Using herbal oil for oiling hair is the wisest decision.


Avoid using blow dryer for drying hair. Blow dryers expose your hair to a blast of hot hair and the heat can cause hair damage and hair breakage. Drying hair with a microfiber towel is advised.




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