COVID 19 Cases surge to a whopping big number in India

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COVID 19 Cases surge to a whopping big number in India

A big single-day leap of cases witnessed in India

Wednesday, 6th May 2020

India has witness a dreadful week since the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the country. One of the highest leaps in Covid cases took place in the country in a span of just a day. In the last 24 hrs, our country has recorded near about 4000 confirmed positive cases causing the total number of coronavirus cases to reach 46000+ cases. This major surge in the number of Coronavirus cases has made the administrators of the country break out in cold sweat as the country had just started easing out the restrictions pertaining to the lockdown. Over the past one week, the total number of per day new covid cases had been rising steeply. However, today’s spike in cases is unprecedented. The country saw a record rise in cases to nearly 4000 and that’s the highest in-a-day rise since the country got its first covid case on the 30th of January 2020.


There has been a steep rise of every 10, 000 Coronavirus cases since then. It took 8 days for India to witness a breach of the 20, 000 mark and it took 7 days to reach the 30, 000 mark of covid cases. But the spike from 30, 000 covid cases to 40, 000 covid cases took place in just 4 days. Despite the data of steep rise in the number of covid cases, the Indian Health Ministry has shared an encouraging number today. At present- the number of coronavirus cases in the country is doubling at the rate of once in 12 days. Before India went into lockdown from March 25th, the doubling rate of covid cases had been once in a span of 3 days. So, the picture isn’t that bleak after all.


As far as the death toll is concerned, India has recorded 194 deaths from covid-19 in the past 24 hours. This is the first time that our country has recorded 100+ deaths in a span of just a day. Even a day back, the covid-19 death toll was at 83. Now the country's total covid-19 death toll is 1,583. If we consider the positive angle, we’ll find that 13, 000 patients of covid-19 have recovered from the infection and have been discharged from the hospital. The reports obtained from Ministry of Health this morning declares that the present recovery rate in the country stands at an impressive 27.41%. That’s definitely an improvement as the recovery rate recorded just a day back was 25%.


Also, the rate of testing people has improved in the country. Across the past 24 hrs our country has conducted 80, 000+ tests and that amounts to 7% of total number of testing done in the country. So far, our country has tested 1 million+ people. And, as per the reports generated by Indian Council of Medical Research our country could hope to start testing 100, 000+ people each day very soon.


So, covid-19 results are ‘mixed’ in India as the country enters in the 3rd phase of nationwide lockdown on the 4th of May.



Source: msn

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