How to stay safe with Asthma during the Covid 19 pandemic

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How to stay safe with Asthma during the Covid 19 pandemic

On this World Asthma Day, patients of Asthma were given some useful tips

Wednesday, 6th May 2020

On this World Asthma Day observed on the 5th of May, 2020 Asthma patients were made aware of the threats they are exposed to in the shape of the novel coronavirus. Patients who are already suffering from chronic breathing issues like Asthma are prone to getting the Covid-19 infection easily and may also experience complications and life-taking severity. The medical correlation between Covid-19 and Asthma has not been established yet but there’s always a possibility of getting infected easily in case one is asthmatic as both the health issues affect the human respiratory system.


When you are asthmatic the lining of your airways tend to get inflamed making the passages narrower and sensitive to various irritants around you. During the attack of Asthma a patient falls prey to inadequate airflow into the lungs and out of the lungs. However, the situation can be managed through the use of inhalers and specific medications.


Past records show that viral attacks like flu and SARS like Covid-19 make asthma patients one of the most vulnerable groups. Normally asthma is treated through immunosuppressive medications like steroid sprays. The patient needs to keep using the prescribed medication when he or she is asthmatic. Stopping medications may lead to frequent bouts of asthma attacks. Also, during the attacks one is very likely to get infected by the coronavirus. So, apart from continuing to take the prescribed medications one needs to abide by the following precautionary measures:

  • Avoid traveling by public transports
  • Avoid visiting public places that are densely crowded
  • Abide by social distancing measures and maintain distance of at least 2 meters from those around you.
  • Don’t step out of your house until it is very essential.
  • Working from home is the best decision until the world succeeds in getting rid of the pandemic completely.
  • Adhere strictly to proper cough hygiene and hand hygiene.
  • Never miss using inhalers
  • Know your trigger for an asthma attack and maintain a safe distance from it.
  • Keep a tab on the symptoms you are experiencing (because many of the asthma symptoms are similar to Covid-19 symptoms) and inform your doctor about the same.


Keep the necessary inhalers ready and make sure they haven’t expired.



Source: NDTV

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