How to get rid of dark circles

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How to get rid of dark circles

Anti-dark circle tips

Thursday, 7th May 2020

Having dark circles is a common beauty issue many of us suffer from. It consists in a dark hollowed patch encircling the eyes. As per the cosmetology jargon, the problem is defined by the phrase ‘under-eye pigmentation’.  It is also commonly referred to as ‘panda eyes’.


 It may make one look sick, dull and fatigued. The problem is triggered by wrong lifestyle habits, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, heredity, aging, stress, too much of under eye makeup, excessive sun exposure and insomnia. Topical application of store-bought under eye creams/gels can only treat the problem on a temporary basis…to address the problem at the root, you need to make some healthy choices with regard to your diet & lifestyle.


Here are some tips for you to help you battle against dark circles better:


  • Stay away from fast foods. Eat a healthy, balanced diet consisting in lots of iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. It has been found out that deficiency of these nutrients could worsen dark circle issue. So, make sure to eat a diet rich in leafy veggies like spinach, then fruits like grapefruit, oranges, avocadoes, kiwifruits, nuts like almonds, legumes, pulses & beans, fortified cereals etc.


  • Give up the habit of rubbing underneath your eyes frequently as that may trigger dark circles according to the findings of researchers.


  • Hydrate yourself by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each. The skin underneath your eyes very thin and is highly sensitive to dehydration issues. By drinking adequate amount of water you may be able to treat the problem effectively.


  • Wear sunglasses whenever you go out and make sure to use sunscreen.


  • Stay away from possible allergy triggers


  • Don’t use too much of under eye makeup and also, make sure to remove all eye makeup prior to returning to bed.


  • Stop smoking


  • Stay away from alcohol


  • Reduce your in-front-of-screen time


  • Practice yoga and meditation to get rid of stress.


  • Using ice packs on the skin underneath your eyes can help in getting rid of dark circles.


  • Applying the pulp of ripe tomatoes or cucumber juice or milk cream on the under eye dark circles can also help you manage the problem efficiently.



Source: Swirlster

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