Google India: A new website for Covid 19 related security risks

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Google India: A new website for Covid 19 related security risks

To avoid coronavirus scams

Thursday, 7th May 2020

On Wednesday, a Covid-19-dedicated website was launched by Google India in order to fight security risks. The website is available in Tamil, Marathi and other regional languages. The sole purpose of the website is to educate people about scams and online risks.


18 million malware and phishing attempts related to COVID-19 everyday have been observed by machine-learning classifiers across the world along with over 240 million spam messages related to coronavirus.


Google said, “The Google Threat Analysis Group continuously monitors for sophisticated hacking activity, and their security systems have detected a range of new scams such as phishing emails posing as messages from charities and NGOs battling COVID-19, directions from "administrators" to employees working from home, and even notices spoofing healthcare providers”.


All covid-19 related texts need to be evaluated before opening or action on the text. Tech giant advises people to be cautious about sharing the personal details like address and bank details.


Most of the pages that ask for sign in for social media accounts, etc are filled with malware, says Google.


Google has ensured security protection into Google products in order to curb the threats from reaching the users. Gmail is capable of blocking almost up to 99.9% of phishing, malware and spam. Chrome browser alerts users in case of suspicious or fraudulent websites. This security is also found in Google Play.



Source: Zeebiz

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