Covid 19 case surge in India

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Covid 19 case surge in India

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Thursday, 7th May 2020

The picture of Covid-19 in India hasn’t  been that encouraging in the past 24 hrs as 3561 new cases have been reported in India dragging to total number of cases to 52, 952 as per government data. 89 lives have been booked by this deadly virus in India during the past 24 hrs as reported by the Union Health Ministry. The total death toll in India from Covid-19 has reached up to 1783. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmadabad have contributed to this big surge in cases. The number of people who have recovered so far in India stands at 15, 267. The state of Maharashtra happens to be the most badly hit Indian state with about 16, 758 positive cases so far. Next, comes Gujarat and Delhi with 6, 625 and 5, 532 cases respectively.


Here are some key highlights of occurrences from across the country…Read on…

  • The rate of COVID-19 fatalities is the highest in West Bengal. The CM of the state Mamata Bannerjee has been criticized by the Union Health Ministry through a strong letter sent to her this Wednesday for poor testing as well as concern triggering incidents of attacks on the frontline staffs battling against Coronavirus in the state.


  • Delhi witnessed the biggest spike in a day in Covid cases on this Wednesday. It was a spike of 428. Covid cases in the country capital had already soared beyond the 5,000 mark on this Tuesday and with the addition of another 428, the total number reached 5,532 on this Wednesday.


  • Surat, a renowned city in the state of Gujarat famed enough for its textile industries and diamond processing industries was engulfed by the flame of incessant protest from large group of migrant workers across the previous weeks. Their demand is that the government should arrange sending them back to their homes in their native states. On this issue, these migrant workers have entered into conflict with the police force time and again.


  • Nearly 100 of such migrant workers from Gujarat are returning to their home state Madhya Pradesh illegally. This fact was discovered by the police on Monday when one of the trucks conveying such workers was intercepted by the police force near Satna’s Sohawal Chowkie. These migrant workers traveling illegally are foregoing all the laws imposed to contain the coronavirus’s spread.


  • Through video conferencing, the foreign Secretary of the Union foreign ministry, Mr. Harsh Vardhan Shringla discussed with the chief secretaries of few states of the country, an agenda for bringing back stranded Indians from foreign lands. This agenda for bringing back stranded Indians has been given the name of "Vande Bharat Mission". This mission starts today as per reports.


  • In a Tweet from the Press Information Bureau of the Indian government a plan pertaining to the Vande Bharat Mission has been chalked out and as per the plan, more than 14, 800 Indians stranded in 12 different countries of the world are to be brought back to country by the end of this week.


  • Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri reported that about 2 lakhs Indian citizens stranded abroad had registered online for repatriation. Puri thinks that the final count of Indians registering for repatriation could possibly be twice the current number. Due to immense rush on the official website of Civil Aviation Ministry, the website underwent a crash this Wednesday.


  • A large number of Indians involved in menial work abroad have lost their job due to the global economic crisis resulting from the pandemic. Shashi Tharoor; a Congress MP wrote a letter to PM Modi reminding him of the funds shortage with these Indians who cannot afford the costs of the travel-back journey.


  • The Maharashtra government's Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) issued a notice declaring that 25000 doctors (involved in private practice) in Mumbai will be given protective gear and a special monetary compensation for offering their service in an emergency situation. These doctors have been asked to report immediately to hospitals where Covid patients are being treated.


  • A train transporting migrant workers to the state of Bihar witnessed a big clash amongst the passengers it was carrying. The clash took place on an issue related to food distribution among the passengers who are all migrant workers who were traveling to their home state from Maharashtra’s Kalyan.



Source: NDTV

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