Tragic death of 11 due to leakage of Styrene Gas in Vizag this morning

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Tragic death of 11 due to leakage of Styrene Gas in Vizag this morning

Heart-wrenching gas leakage tragedy is Vizag

Friday, 8th May 2020

Yet another gas leak tragedy is here! This time it is the scenic seaside of Vizag in Andhra Pradesh where this unfortunate tragedy took place. Toxic fumes of Styrene leaked out of a chemical factory in Vizag at dawn.


 Over 1000 people in nearby villages in a radius of 3kms have been reported as very sick. The gas had leaked out at the early hours of the morning from the LG Polymers factory in Vizag killing about 11 people when all in the surrounding villages were fast asleep. Out of the 11 people who died due to this lethal leakage 1 was a minor.


Pathetic scenes of terror-struck parents carrying their sick children in their arms, health staffs running frantically to help the sick victims could be witnessed in Vizag due to this unfortunate occurrence and it inevitably reminded one of the chilling incidents of Bhopal Gas Tragedy that took place years back causing a loss of 3787 lives.


The Styrene gas leakage that has triggered this tragedy is a gas that may adversely affect the human respiratory system, mucous membrane & the CNS or Central Nervous System. Nearly 200 victims were rushed to the nearby hospitals for emergency treatments after they started complaining of eye irritations & breathing troubles. Meanwhile, PM Modi informed that he had been ‘closely monitoring’ the tragic situation that took place and had discussed the matter with the various officials in the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) & Home Ministry and had also held meeting with the NDMA to understand the real situation out there.




Source: Business Standard

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