Train accident claims the lives of 15 migrants who were walking to reach Chhattisgarh

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Train accident claims the lives of 15 migrants who were walking to reach Chhattisgarh

The train runs over them while they were sleeping

Friday, 8th May 2020

On Friday, 15 migrants were run over by a goods train while they were going back to Chhattisgarh in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Officials reported that one suffered severe injuries.


This tragic event took place on the Aurangabad-Jalna railway line at approximately 6:30 am. The laborers slept on the tracks while walking along the tracks, an official reported to PTI news agency. He said, “They had been walking along the rail tracks and slept there due to exhaustion. They were mowed down by a train”.


However, there is going to be an inquiry, tweets The Ministry of Railways. The Ministry wrote, “During early hours today after seeing some laborers on track, loco pilot of goods train tried to stop the train but eventually hit them between Badnapur and Karmad stations in Parbhani-Manmad section. Injured have been taken to Aurangabad Civil Hospital. An inquiry has been ordered”.


PM Modi wrote on Twitter that Piyush Goyal, Union Railway Minister has been asked to look into the situation. Assistance needed is being given, said Modi.


Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla tweeted that the incident is “extremely tragic and unfortunate”.  He said, “The tragic death of migrant laborers on the Jalna railway line is extremely tragic and unfortunate. Tribute to the dead. May God place the dead at his feet. I wish the injured to get well soon”.


These workers chose to walk as there is no transportation amid lockdown. Though special trains have been arranged, some are still unable to sign up for the same.



Source: India Today

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