Meeting to be held today between PM and CMs on COVID 19 lockdown curbs lifting

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Meeting to be held today between PM and CMs on COVID 19 lockdown curbs lifting

PM and CMs to meet today

Monday, 11th May 2020

A lengthy meeting session between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Ministers of the various Indian states is scheduled to be held on this Monday; i.e. May 11, 2020 and the country is waiting eagerly in anticipation of an easing of the various curbs imposed on economic activities since over a month due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Discussion on stepping up economic activities in the country and on a graded exit plan from the nationwide lockdown is likely to be the crux of today’s meeting.


The meeting will also focus on the rise of cases of Covid-19 continuously especially in states such as Gujarat and Maharashtra while at the same time making plans for resuming economic activities in these corona hotspots. Talks on the challenges that the country might face in resuming economic activities due to the continued return of migrant laborers to their natives are also to be held in this meeting.


The difference between this meeting and the previous meetings between the PM and the CMs is that in today’s meeting all participants will be allowed to speak and present their views. The Prime Minister, as reported from sources, is eager to get feedback from the CMs with regard to relaxing of imposed restrictions post the date of May 4, 2020 and with regard to the wish of the CMs to continue with lockdown in adherence to relaxed parameters as in force currently.



Sources: Times of India

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