Meeting of PM with the CMs: Full Statement

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Meeting of PM with the CMs: Full Statement

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Tuesday, 12th May 2020

A 6 hr long meeting took place on Monday between PM Modi and the CMs of the various Indian states as well as Union Territories. It was a video meeting in which the measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic were discussed. PM also asked the CMs to present their opinions regarding the extension of lockdown. During the discussion, the PM declared that until and unless a vaccine is made social distancing should be observed as it is the best weapon in the hands of people in this battle against coronavirus.


After the meeting, the PM’s office has come up with a statement as given below:

In the opening speech PM said: "We now have reasonably clear indication as to the geographical spread of the pandemic in India, including the worst affected areas. Moreover, over the past few weeks, officials have understood operating procedures in a time such as this, right up to the District level."


He also said that if you can understand the spreading pattern of this deadly virus, we can fight it in a more focused manner and frame our strategies accordingly. He talked about the two-fold challenge India is faced with; i.e. checking the transmission of the virus on one hand and gradually resuming public activities in adherence to strict guidelines on the other hand and to be successful in this fight against COVID-19 the country, in PM Modi’s opinion, will have to try achieving both the objectives.


Modi Ji also stated that arresting the spread of this virus to the rural belts of the country should be their prime focus as of now and the suggested roadmaps for economic activities that came from the different states would be given the due attention.


The CMs of the different states and UTs praised the PM for his leadership in the battle the country is fighting against the Coronavirus pandemic and they also stressed on the importance of strengthening the health and medical infrastructure in India. Many of the CMs opined that as migrant workers are returning to their natives there remains a need to focus on stringent implementation of social distancing rules, proper sanitization and mask usage to stop the spread of the virus through new cases especially in the rural areas of the country.


Quarantining of stranded Indians who are returning to their homeland; i.e. India from abroad should be made compulsory in the opinion of the CMs. While offering suggestions on economic activities in the country, the CMs of the country have asked for support to the MSMEs and Infrastructure projects such as Power, Easing of loan interest rates and guaranteed market access with regard to agricultural produce.


PM Modi thanked the CM's for playing a proactive role in this battle against the Coronavirus and for their vital suggestions emerging from the basic level experience they have.


PM said that we all need to understand that after COVID-19 the World has undergone a fundamental change. Now we will talk of this World through terms and phrases such as Pre-Corona and Post-Corona something quite similar to the events of the World Wars. And this calls for major changes with regard to how we as Indians function.


He used the phrase "Jan Se lekar Jag Tak" in order to define the principle to be followed in the new way of living that the pandemic has triggered. The phrase stands for the meaning ‘from individual to the entire human community’. He added that this is the new reality for which we need to make the plans.


While talking of the importance of continuing with social distancing Modi ji said: "Even as we look at the gradual withdrawal of the lockdown, we should constantly remember that till we do not find a vaccine or a solution, the biggest weapon with us to the fight the virus is social distancing"


PM re-emphasized the importance of the strategy of Do Gaz Ki doori and said that the suggestion pertaining to night curfew put forth by many of the CMs would definitely give a sense of caution to the public.


He urged the CMs for precise feedback lockdown. In this context, he said: "I request you all to share with me by 15th May, a broad strategy on how you each one of you would want to deal with the lockdown regime in your particular states. I want states to make a blue print on how to deal with various nuances during and after the gradual easing of the lockdown"


PM said that we will definitely need an all-encompassing fight approach to tackle the multiple challenges that may arise in the near future. With the arrival of Monsoon, an increased rate of weather-borne, non-COVID19 diseases may be witnessed and to safeguard ourselves against such attacks we need to stay well prepared through the strengthening of our health and medical set-ups.


He requested the country’s policy makers to bear in mind the various new teaching as well as learning models that may be introduced in the country’s education sector. PM while talking of the Tourism industry cited that he can visualize some potential in the segment of domestic tourism but defining the contours for the same is crucial.


He pointed out to the ministers saying: "I am of the firm view that the measures needed in the first phase of lockdown were not needed during the 2nd phase and similarly the measures needed in the 3rd Phase are not needed in the fourth."


While talking of the restarting of trains in the country PM Modi said that trains need to run in order to boost the economic activities that had slowed down due to the lockdown but trains on each and every railway route will not be restarted. Only a select few trains would run.


The PM said that he is feeling optimistic about managing the pandemic well as none of the state CMs sounded despondent with regard to the battle against COVID-19 and this sort of collective determinate can make India win the battle.


Furthermore, PM declared that there would be many new opportunities in the post-cornona India which our country must learn to leverage.



Source: NDTV

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