Indian IT Firms Seek Alteration in Laws as Work From Home Gains Popularity

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Indian IT Firms Seek Alteration in Laws as Work From Home Gains Popularity

IT Firms want a change in work-from-home setup

Tuesday, 12th May 2020

Leaders of India’s Information Technology industry have moved the government in a meeting earlier this week for laying down requisite alterations in the legislature as more than half the country’s IT population is expected to work from home in days to come.


The $191 billion industry has come to this combined decision of the need for definitive tax and labor laws due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has forced majority of its taskforce to work as per this new norm. Government officials have also been urged to allow alleviation in telecom regulations to enable back-office companies to work remotely and to let them transfer equipment out from specific SEZ for smooth operations.


Trade association of Indian IT firms, Nasscom has been given the responsibility to draft a comprehensive report to this effect, which will then go around all pertinent ministries for necessary measures.


Chairman of Nasscom and COO of Infosys UB Pravin Rao said certain labor laws do not serve this format of working and hence everything needs to be viewed from a fresh perspective. The body is expected to submit its report by the following week.


Government officials have stated that work on specifications is underway and that the new revised laws should be framed in a way that it protects the rights of employees while allowing pliability to employers. They also mentioned that this setup is bound to be favorable to women, students and the physically challenged as it gives the flexibility of choosing their working hours and shift timings.


A senior official at Nasscom said that as this way of working gains popularity, a single employee can work for multiple firms. Thus various standard measures too need to be altered and the government might have to allow the choice of NPS as opposed to EPFO as a social security scheme.


This new adaptation of the work-from-home model has proved successful since the lockdown began and is inducing several large firms such as TCS to continue with it and have at least 75% of its workforce working from home by 2025.


Experts opinionate that this format is beneficial to industries and society at large as it will relieve metros of congestion due to migration of workforce from suburban cities and towns.




Source: Economic Times

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