Mistakes to avoid to check back pain during the work from home days

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Mistakes to avoid to check back pain during the work from home days

Keep back pain at bay

Wednesday, 13th May 2020

Work-from-Home is the current norm of the day. The current Coronavirus pandemic has compelled offices to give their sanction to the ‘Work-from-Home’ rule as imposed by the government during the nationwide lockdown.


While some may find work from home a nice thing as they get to work from the comfort of their home others may find the entire situation very frustrating as due to lack of sufficient activity in everyday life, they may fall prey to various types of aches and pains of which back pain is the commonest one.


 Back pain may be categorized into upper back pain, lower back pain and neck pain. For some it could be excruciating throbbing pain while for others it could come along with a feeling of numbness or even burning sensation. Some may even experience a back pain that worsens with movement. During the lockdown period when people are mostly working from home, many have been complaining of constant pain in their back. The pain is also interfering with the working ability of these individuals who are working from home. Medical Expert, Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra has explained the various mistakes that we need to avoid to keep back pain at bay during this ‘Work-from-home’ phase. Read more to learn about those mistakes:

Following a Sedentary lifestyle

Lack of physical activity is the first and foremost cause of back pain in the ‘work-from-home’ scenario. Most of the time we are either lying or sitting…we hardly exert ourselves as we are at home and this sort of sedentary lifestyle only triggers back pain.


Poor Ergonomics

When you are working from home you tend to be lying on bed while working on your laptop. Such poor posture and wrong ergonomics can lead to huge pressure on your spinal discs and cause back pain.


Comfort Zone syndrome

Home is your comfort zone and you feel like slouching and relaxing even when you are working. This may make the back muscles sore and stiff, may strain the ligaments on your back and may also put much pressure on the discs in your spinal column


Increasing physical activities, doing light stretching exercises daily, sitting upright on an ergonomically designed chair while working are the ways to be adopted to get relief from lockdown induced back pain.



Source: NDTV

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