Highest Spike in Coronavirus Cases and Deaths Reported in India in 24 Hours

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Highest Spike in Coronavirus Cases and Deaths Reported in India in 24 Hours

Record Spike in positive Covid-19 cases and deaths in last 24 hrs!

Friday, 15th May 2020

India recorded its greatest surge in the number of coronavirus positive cases and deaths due to it in the last 24 hours with more than 3,967 cases and about 100 deaths.

The total number of cases across the country till Friday morning stands at 81,970 and mortality rate spiked to 2,649.

So far, the total number of people who have been cured and discharged is 27,920, taking the total rate of recovery to 34.06%, as per reports from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.


The sudden spike in numbers has been explained by the Joint Secretary, who stated that they have been persuading many states to release the actual figures on a regular basis for some time now and the sudden declaration of those backlogs is what has caused this swell.


In India the worst affected state so far continues to be Maharashtra where the figures stand at 27,524 as on Friday morning, while the death toll has crossed the 1,000-mark. Number of recoveries here is more than 6,000.


The Ministry has also mentioned that as this is the biggest spike so far, states and union territories have been counselled to implement contact tracing, active case search and clinical management of cases constructively.

They have also been advised to make certain that services like immunization, maternal-child health services, services for critically ill patients such as dialysis, cancer, diabetes, TB and blood donation services are tended to in government and private non-COVID hospitals.


The other states that contribute to a major share of the total number of cases nationwide are Tamil Nadu at 9,674, Gujarat at 9,591, Delhi at 8,470, Rajasthan at 4,534, Madhya Pradesh at 4,426, and Uttar Pradesh at 3,902.


The figures reported on Thursday showed 3,722 new coronavirus cases and 134 deaths in 24 hours taking the total cases in the country to 78,003 and fatality rate to 2,549.



Source: India Today

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