How can 30 minutes of regular walks help your health

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How can 30 minutes of regular walks help your health

Experience a big boost of health through walking

Friday, 15th May 2020

Walking is something most of us avoid doing these days. We are more used to a sedentary lifestyle and the ongoing lockdown has made us lazier about going for walks. But, did you know that regular walking for just 30 minutes could bring for your health, a bouquet of some long-lasting benefits. Whether its morning walk or evening walk you are going for, in either case you’ll only benefit…Read more to learn about the health benefits walking can fetch for you:


  • Helps in weight management

Walking can help in torching those excess calories and thus, can give you a slimmer body and trimmer waistline.


  • Helps you beat stress

Going for a walk can serve as an effective stress buster. A refreshing walk can get you out of a stressful situation or ambiance and stimulate the secretion of ‘feel-good’ hormones for you. You’ll feel better once you have walked your stress away!


  • Improves heart health

Walking is a very effective cardio exercise. Regular walking can improve heart health by keeping the cardiac disease risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and stress at bay.


  • Keeps diabetes at bay

When you go for walks, your muscles are thoroughly worked out and in the process consume the sugar in your body leaving not much sugar to build up in your bloodstream. This helps in blood sugar regulation and keeps issues like diabetes at bay.


  • Gives you strong bones & muscles

An effective weight bearing exercise like walking can help in building muscle strength and bone strength too. Walking can also boost your balance, coordination and overall mobility.



Source: NDTV

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