New NDMA Directives for the Indians

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New NDMA Directives for the Indians

Lockdown 4.0 rules unlocked

Monday, 18th May 2020

On Sunday the Union home ministry issued a lengthy guidelines set of nine pages guidelines in which the various do’s and don’ts pertaining to 4th phase of lockdown were listed out in details. The lockdown’s fourth phase starts from the 18th of May and will continue until the month’s last date. These guidelines were issued right after the announcement of the extension of nationwide lockdown by the officials from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).


The new guidelines declared that in the country’s containment zones, there shall prevail some rigidity pertaining to lockdown restrictions…there shall be in-depth and intensified contact tracing and house-to-house surveillance checks and various other forms of clinical interventions as needed. Night time curfew rules will be applicable from the 18th of May and will span from 7 pm to next day 7 am during which the movement of people shall be disallowed except for the very essential services.


COVID-19 Management: National Directives

  • Wearing masks or shielding face with a cloth or kerchief in public places and also in workplaces is a must.
  • Spitting in workplaces and in public places will be an offence punishable under law.
  • Following social distancing in transports and public places is needed.
  • In marriage parties too social distancing need to be observed. Maximum of 50 invitees are allowed for such celebrations.
  • In case of funerals or rituals pertaining to the last rites of the deceased not more than 20 people will be allowed.
  • One cannot consume alcohol, paan, gutka, tobacco etc in the public places.
  • The shops should discourage crowds of customer. Not more than 5 customers should be permitted to enter the shop at a time. Also, customers should maintain a distance of minimum 6 ft between each other.


COVID-19 Management: National Directives exclusively for workplace

  • Try to continue following the Work-from-home pattern if possible.
  • Workplace in-charges should make sure all employees follow social distancing…there should sufficient gaps between the shifts, between 2 staffs and staggering lunch recesses.
  • Frequent sanitization is needed for the common areas in your place of work and points that come into mass contact frequently such as door handles etc.
  • Facilities like thermal scanner, hand washes as well as sanitizers should be provided to the staffs at all the entry + exit points.
  • Staggering of working hours is a must.



Source: MSN

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