Work from home: Will it be a permanent thing

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Work from home: Will it be a permanent thing

No office life forever?

Tuesday, 19th May 2020

Google and Facebook are going to let the employees work from home until 2021. Twitter, on the other hand is asking the employees to work from home forever! Is the office life going to be extinct due to Covid-19 pandemic forever?


We do not want to miss “the social aspect” of going for work outside. According the survey by Gallup, that’s the “major reason” many women like to work at offices.


Fun fact is that, you can find great spouses in offices! Take Barak and Michelle for example. ;-) Such chances will not be gotten if you are working from home, will you?


But not just that! You can benefit intellectually from offices because you get a chance to meet inspiring people. You get to exchange ideas with successful people in offices, which is not possible at home.


Also think! Do you prefer shopping books online? Or just go to a book store and look around? In other words you will come across something interesting when you get lost and end up on a wrong isle.


Work from home has other psychology-related cons. There can never be an effortless communication with co-workers. The contact will be cut down because interaction seems much difficult. Also, the chances of misunderstanding the words are higher, leading to negative feelings towards colleagues.


“You need time to develop informal patterns with colleagues, especially if you don’t know them well”, Wharton’s professor of management, Nancy Rothbard said.


Our identities are beyond us. Especially, for young people. They find their professional identities there, in offices. And that boost their self-esteem and confidence.


Technology has corroded the line between work and home already. This might ruin the office life totally, in near future.



Source: MSN

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