Next Flagship of Google Pixel 5 Expected to Forgo the Soli Radar Chip

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Next Flagship of Google Pixel 5 Expected to Forgo the Soli Radar Chip

Soli Radar Chip may not be present in the forthcoming Pixel 5

Tuesday, 19th May 2020

As per the latest report in Google’s 9to5Google, it is most likely to pass over making use of the soli radar chip on the Pixel 5 this year.


This chip, which is a key feature in the Pixel 4 model, enables it with a motion sense feature that in turn allows you to operate the phone hands-free. Besides this, the feature also makes sure that the other property in the Pixel 4, of face recognition, works unimpaired. While this feature of a gesture-based control system is available in several other phones too, the one that Google manufactures is the most state of the art.


Google is expected to launch Pixel 4a, the latest in its series of Pixel phones, next month and the Pixel 5 later this year. The Motion Sense technology will however not feature in this model.


The radar chip however, functions on a particular frequency that is not permitted in India. This was predominantly the reason behind the Pixel 4 not finding its way into the Indian markets. A Google spokesperson said in his statement that the availability of their models are based on a variety of factors including “local trends and product features” that differ in different parts of the world and it was their decision not to launch the Pixel 4 in India.


The removal of the Soli radar chip in a way works for the company as it would mean that the phone can be launched in several more regions, including India, Japan and China where this particular frequency it uses is solely reserved for the military.


As per some reports, the phone is also expected to control costs as it will now be employing a Snapdragon 765G chipset that is targeted at premium mid-range handsets. Apart from this, little is known about the other features that the series is going to present except that it may come with a triple-camera setup and a wide-angle sensor at the back.


Once the Pixel 4a makes its entry next month however, more should be known about it, though the price is expected to be around $299.



Source: India Today

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