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Get ready for job hunting post lockdown

Some tips for young graduates

Wednesday, 20th May 2020

India being a huge contributor of brilliant minds by providing quality education, is one of the most popular countries for companies to hire and hone skills in the global market. But Covid-19 pandemic has created an anxiety in fresh graduates who are ready to set their career. Students are facing uncertainty in their future.


There will be a great demand for talented students post coronavirus. Students should start preparing for acquiring their dream jobs and stay relevant once the situation comes back to normal.


Here’s what students are supposed to do during the lockdown:


  • Get used to remote-learning

Numerous universities are offering professional courses that students can make use of while at home. This will add to their skills and allow them to stand out. Along with gaining deeper knowledge in a subject, students will also gain skills that they can put on their resume.


  • Work on projects to gain practical experience

To gain practical insights, students should take on projects in fields that interest them. For example, fields like Fashion designing, media and so on require practical application of the knowledge. Working on the projects while sitting at home gives students ample time to get creative.


  • Be hopeful and connected

The current world is filled with chaos and uncertainty which may make young hearts feel frustrated and depressed. But it is important for the students to maintain mental well-being. A peaceful mind becomes crucial during interview and presentation.


  • Develop a rapport with your mentor

Students should make sure to keep in touch with their mentors. They play a key role in guiding the students and preparing them to face the interviews as they are aware of the current trends in related fields.


Students are the future of a nation. Ensuring their well-being will add to betterment of the society.

(From the article written by Prof. Nandita Abraham, President, Pearl Academy)


Source: India Today

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