Coronavirus cases leap by 5611 in India in last 24 hrs: 10 points to note

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Coronavirus cases leap by 5611 in India in last 24 hrs: 10 points to note

Biggest 24 hr surge in coronavirus cases

Wednesday, 20th May 2020

A single-day leap of 5,611 new covid cases has been witnessed by India. The total number of cases now stands at 1,06,750, and the death toll stands at 3, 303 as reported by the Union Health Ministry this morning.


In the past 24 hrs, 140 people have died of coronavirus in the country. The recovery rate in the country is 39.62 percent currently. The number of people who have recovered so far stands at 42,298 as per Union Health Ministry’s updates.


10 points

  • Tamil Nadu now acquires the 2nd position after Maharashtra in terms of the total number of COVID-19 cases. On this Tuesday 688 new cases were reported in Tamil Nadu and that took the total number to 12448. Gujarat which was previously in the 2nd position has move to the 3rd position now and has 12140 COVID-19 cases in total.


  • Maharashtra CM, Uddhav Thackarey has requested the people of the state to stay indoors and observe social distancing strictly especially in the state’s red zones such as Mumbai and Pune and other adjoining areas. Lockdown will prevail in the state and no relaxations will be allowed. The state, as reported, has 37,136 coronavirus cases in total. Cases continue to increase in the city of Mumbai and the tally in the city has now reached to 21,335. Mumbai’s Guardian Minister, Aslam Shaikh told the NDTV reporters that the city’s prime focus now is to bring down the total number of covid cases.


  • Uttar Pradesh the country’s most densely populated state is experiencing a surge in the number of covid cases as infected migrant workers are returning to their homes in the state. 50 migrant workers who have returned to their homes were diagnosed with Coronavirus in the Basti district of the state that’s about 190 km from Lucknow; the capital city. The total number of COVID-19 cases in the state now stands at 4926.


  • Telangana is not issuing entry passes to the people who are craving to come back home from states such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. The government holds the opinion that return of the migrant workers is the biggest challenge now as they bringing in the virus along with them. Currently the total number of cases in Telangana stands at 1634.


  • Assam, the eastern state too has witnessed a surge in cases of coronavirus with more and more stranded people returning home. Currently the state has 142 cases in total among which 25 new cases were detected within 24 hrs from yesterday.


  • The Railway department is running 15 passenger trains currently and has declared that the number of passenger trains will increase to over 200 from the 1st of June.


  • While the country is fighting against the pandemic, the country’s eastern coast faces the devastating impact of the Cyclonic storm Amphan, the worst kind of spiraling storm over Bay of Bengal in decades. The cyclone, as reported, will show its wrath in the state of West Bengal in the later part of the day.  The NDRF chief told to NDTV that the havoc of the cyclone amid the current coronavirus crisis presents a dual challenge for India. He also said that the concerned authorities are doing their best to make sure social distancing is observed in the cyclone shelters that are currently housing more than three lakhs of people.


  • On the 22nd of May, Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister is to take charge as chairman of WHO’s Executive Board as reported by the concerned officials.


  • World Bank Head conveyed words of warning this Tuesday saying that the Covid crisis could plunge near about 60 millions to the depths of poverty totally erasing all the gains made across the 3 past years.


  • The total number of covid patients worldwide is 48,97,842 and the death toll stands at 3,23,287 lakhs. The US is the worst hit and has witnessed 91,845 covid deaths as per the Johns Hopkins University’s real-time tally.



Source: NDTV

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