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Thursday, 21st May 2020

Emily Durkheim, a French sociologist said, “The influence exercised by the adult generation upon those who are not yet ready for adult life” is education. In other words, education is an organization that is crucial in passing on the knowledge to the next generations. “A child through education learns basic rules, regulations, norms and values of society”. “A child through education learns basic rules, regulations, norms and values of society”.


Since ancient times, we had education but in different forms. Today, India is known to provide quality education in various different fields- science, literature, philosophy, geography, astronomy, horticulture, performing arts and so on… We have renowned schools, colleges and universities in our country which offer courses on a wide range of subjects to choose from. We have IIT, IIM, NIT and many more which are recognized worldwide.  


We have always seen different trends in education system in history. But today, the students are free to opt for different areas of interest. In today’s world, skill in any field is recognized and valued. Universities today, believe in holistic development of students.


A quality education determines the development of any nation. When a person is educated, his view about life and society broadens. It adds to social development of the society. Education, without a doubt contributes to financial development. Now more people are brilliant in their respective fields attracting job opportunities in India and abroad.


Thus, education plays a key role in the development of a country as a whole.  


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