How can blood test & home blood collection help you?

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How can blood test & home blood collection help you?

Get your blood tested at home in a click!

Monday, 1st June 2020

Most health conscious people who wish to keep a close tab on their health go for regular or frequent blood tests. In fact, blood tests are often a part of routine health checks. And, in case of advanced health checks, blood tests play an indispensible role.

The importance of blood tests can never be denied especially in the present times when numerous life-taking diseases are threatening human existence every now and then. A timely blood test can help in identifying these diseases at their very onset and can treat them out successfully before any further damage is caused to your body.

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How does blood test help a doctor?

Blood is the most important, life-supporting connective tissue in your body and can offer your doctor with a clue to what’s going on within. Therefore, whenever you approach your doctor with any health issue you are facing, your doctor would prescribe you certain kinds of blood tests as the first and foremost diagnostic step. Timely blood test reports can pave the way for a healthy, disease-free life for you. The results of a blood test can allow your doctor to take an informed decision regarding your treatment and your overall health. Blood test reports are like a guiding light for your doctor and can help your doctor in the following ways:

  • Diagnose underlying diseases like HIV, Diabetes, Anaemia, Cancer etc at an early stage and mete out effective treatment to arrest the progress of the disease.
  • Evaluate the functioning of the internal organs like Kidney, Heart, Liver etc
  • Assess how well the medications applied on you are working
  • Assess your blood’s clotting capacity

How is blood test done?

Blood tests are done by drawing blood sample from the vein of a patient. The sample is then sent for laboratory analysis. In most cases, a sterilized hypodermic needle is used for drawing the blood and sometimes, a finger prick blood collection method may also be used.

Why should you go for frequent blood tests?

Here are some convincing reasons as to why you should go for blood tests at fixed intervals. Read on:

1. Disease prevention

?When it comes to preventing diseases from taking a toll on your life, guesswork is never the right thing to do. Blood tests can help you stay on guard against the various warning signs of dangerous diseases and give you a chance to prevent such diseases from preying you down

2. Pre-blood donation assessment

It is the responsibility of every blood donor to make sure that the blood they are donating to the sick and the ailing is healthy, clean blood. To keep a check on the quality of their blood, a donor must undergo frequent blood tests.

3. Nutritional requirement tracking

Nutritional deficiencies can prove to be detrimental to your overall health and normal body functions. To find out whether you are deficient in the essential nutrients, you may need to go for a blood test.

4. Ruling out not-so-apparent health risks

Often dangerous diseases may produce mild symptoms that may apparently appear as nothing more than just casual issues such as fever, stomach upsets, headache, coughs, fatigue and the like. A blood test may rule out the possibilities of an underlying health risk associated with such simple symptoms.


5. Blood count assessment

If you are aware of the count of some of the vital components of your blood such as WBC, platelet, LDL and HDL you can yourself understand where you are standing in terms of your health and can tweak your dietary & lifestyle habits accordingly.

6Assessment of sexual problems

A blood test may be advised by your doctor to find out the levels of your sex hormones in case you have complained of sex life issues like low libido, ED, Infertility etc to your doctor.

7. Drug function assessment

You might have been suffering from some health issue and might have been on medication for a couple of months. A blood test may be needed to fathom the success of the medication and the improvement it has brought in your health.

Blood tests at home: The in-vogue trend in blood testing

We are residing in an era of internet retail revolution. In this era everything including blood tests is available right at your doorstep. That has made such goods and services highly accessible and also affordable.

In the past the very thought of queuing up at a hospital or pathological clinic and wasting a lot of time in the process deterred many patients from going for blood tests. But, today such things don’t happen as most pathological clinic s come with provisions for home blood collection & online or doorstep report delivery. Booking the tests is also super convenient as a simple call can let you book the test. Also, you could book the test online by visiting the clinic’s official website.


Here are the key advantages that home blood tests have over the lab blood tests:

1.Time saving

Home blood tests are time saving tests as lots of time you have wasted travelling to and from the clinic are saved in the case of blood tests at home.

2. Affordable

You may get affordable rates as many diagnostic brands offer lucrative discounts & attractive packages when you are opting for home blood tests.

3. Convenient ?

Home blood tests are convenient as you can get the tests done without taking a step out of your house. Also, the tests might be scheduled as per your suitable timing. No major adjustment needs to be done in your everyday routine to get a home blood test done. Also, reports may be collected at doorstep or online. That saves you of all the hassle!

4. Confidential

If you wish to keep your blood test report is confidential home blood tests are the best for you as the reports are delivered to you electronically and you alone can access those reports through a unique password.


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