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Vaccinated travelers will be allowed into Thailand soon but must adhere to the 4-stage plan

Thailand is opening up for travelers after more than a year…get the details

Wednesday, 7th April 2021

Thailand tours are highly popular during the summer months. With the onset of the scorching summer months, travel lovers are hoping to make their way to the idyllic beach destination of Thailand. But Thailand that was mostly not allowing tourists since 2020 March is yet to officially announce permission for travelers to enter that scenic country. Thailand had been doing extraordinarily well in the way it was dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and now that vaccines against the deadly coronavirus have been introduced worldwide, Thailand is hoping to revive the travel industry on which the economy is predominantly dependent. The country, therefore, has come up with a methodical, four-stage plan as per which the travelers who have received the vaccine against the virus would be able to gain entry into the country.

The plan’s first stage has been brought into effect from the 1st of April allowing the tourists who have received both the covid vaccine doses to enter into Thailand via the 5 chosen pilot provinces. Those 5 pilot provinces are Phang Nga, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, and Chiang Mai.

The travelers, as per plan, will be tested randomly for covid at the airport, and must also make use of a tracing application as per the guidelines from the government of the country. A traveler traveling to Thailand needs to present proof of his or her vaccination against covid, proof that is accredited by WHO or World Health Organization. Furthermore, the traveler entering the country also needs to show the country’s administrative authorities a medical certificate that must declare that he or she has never had covid. The certificate shouldn’t be issued more than 72 hours prior to the traveler’s departure.

The International travelers to Thailand who got both the doses of the covid vaccine, and are landing in Thailand’s Phuket from the 1st of July onwards will not need quarantining as a mandatory rule to be observed. The 3rd stage of the plan starts in the month of October 2021 and at that time travelers who are entering Thailand via the five pilot provinces as listed above, too will not require quarantining provided that have received both the doses of the covid vaccine.

Thailand happens to be a huge draw for the travelers from across the globe, and the tourism industry of Thailand offers employment to a huge workforce. The covid pandemic that started last year had badly hit the travel and tourism industry of Thailand for more than a year. Now, the country is expecting to bring things back to normalcy as far as its tourism industry is concerned through the well-chalked-out four-stage plan.


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