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What Makes Gandhis CWC a Team Amidst the Ruins of Congress

Gandhi’s showed at the CWC meeting on Saturday…Know more…

Monday, 18th October 2021

Support they were able to garner, as they staged an "overwhelming assault" on the seekers of change last year when the  CWC met after 23 of them (with only a handful  in the CWC) wrote to Sonia Gandhi. How do the Gandhis organize this "show of loyalty", even when the political destiny of the family and the party has reached a low point? The answer lies in a complicated and intelligently designed

Congressional leadership structure. Congressional folklore always insists that the  leadership of the Gandhi family party is a "strategic requirement" for three reasons: that the Gandhi "alone" be the party of the party. mass leaders "," deliver "victories" and governments (and therefore offices for congressional officials) and "keep the party together.

"However, each of these arguments has lost ground in the new realities of Indian politics.  Congress fell to 44 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 and 52 in 2019, the lowest number for Congress. Worse still, the combined "mass appeal" of the three Gandhis in the last two LS polls was well below what the two "uncharismatic leaders" PV Narasimha Rao and Sitaram Kesriled Congress  in the 140 and  1998 polls respectively.

 The fact that  Congress Today only three state governments are listed, shows the limits of the Gandhi family to defend themselves from the BJP even in parliamentary polls. Endless defections, most of them sworn in as "loyal to Gandhi", have led to the collapse of some regimes in the states of Congress. Therefore, the Gandhis are no longer the unifying factor of the party.

 Nonetheless, the family "governs" the CWC AICC, PCCs, DCCs and party delegates using the "power of nominations." Every member of the CWC  is nominated by Congress.

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