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Udanpirappe Movie Review: A family drama that requires patience to watch

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Thursday, 14th October 2021

 Starring: Jyothika, Sasikumar, Samuthirakani

 Director: Saravannan

 Rating: 2.5 / 5

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 Udanpirappe, with Jyothika, Sasikumar, Samuhirakani and others in fewer roles , staged by Saravannan and produced by Jyothika and Suriya. The film, which was released directly to Amazon Prime Video, does not have a theatrical release. Here's the review.

Vairavan (Sasikumar) is the chief of the village and  fights through thick and thin to do good to the people. He and his sister Maathangi (Jyothika) haven't spoken for years. Maathangi's husband, Sargunam (Samuthirakani) and Vairavan are  enemies. In an accident  long ago, Maathangi loses her son while she tries to save her brother's son. This incident  affected the lives of the brothers. Will they ever talk about terms again? What unites us again forms the core of the story.

 Jyothika enters the skin of the character she played. This is his 50th film and, as always, he impressed  audiences with his performance. His expression and his performance are out of the box. She looks beautiful and her clothes and outfit match. Sasikumar is a versatile actor and there is no doubt about that. He plays a role that is also packed with action and excitement. His makeup is top-notch and  makes him look  like a villager.

Samuthirkani plays the role of a government employee. He has a set of rules and he doesn't violate them and he doesn't let anyone make a mistake. He is someone who follows rules and ethics and cannot tolerate people who like violence. He did a decent job.

Director Saravannan  made a good movie. It is about relationships, ethics, the importance of values ??and the bond  between  siblings. Kalaiyarasan plays the antagonist of the film. Although he doesn't have much to do with the plot, there are some twists and turns that happen thanks to him.

usic is composed by D. Imman intensifies the film. The locations, camera work, and other artists from the film are good enough. Comedian Soori is also part of the film and, with a good dose of humor, she manages to make us laugh here and there.

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