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High-risk pregnancy can be successful with the right precautions…learn about the precautions to take

High-risk pregnancy tips…learn the do’s and don’ts

Thursday, 15th April 2021

Pregnancy is not a very smooth journey for all women. The present lifestyle, hormonal disturbances, and also the work culture is quite responsible for high-risk pregnancies. The emotional upheavals associated with high-risk pregnancy may make the pregnancy period all the more difficult for a woman with a high-risk pregnancy. Though stress and anxiety cannot be avoided completely, but having too much of all that isn’t actually needed. Advanced medical facilities available these days and daily prenatal care a woman with high-risk pregnancy can have a safe, successful outcome and a healthy baby too.

When you have a high-risk pregnancy, you need to take certain precautions. Read below:

1. Accept your condition

You must be ready for the high-risk pregnancy journey and must, most importantly, accept the fact that complications may arise anytime. That will let you stay well prepared mentally and well equipped with the entire necessary medical infrastructure at hand. Acceptance will make you alert and as a result, you’ll not ignore the red flags if any.

2. Trust your doctor

You must trust your doctor. The doctor, possibly a gynecologist, who guides you through a high-risk pregnancy is definitely a capable one and is doing his or her best to keep you and your baby safe. So, listen to your doctor and trust his or her words. Don’t get carried away by the numerous suggestions thrown upon you by friends and relatives. They are not experts. You must believe in the expert alone.

3. Be consistent with your management plan

You might have already chalked out a plan for managing your high-risk pregnancy. You must adhere to it in a consistent manner. Take medicines and the prescribed vitamins on time and regularly. Never miss any of those. Also, you shouldn’t hesitate to report any sort of issue you are facing to your doctor and you should always give a detailed report. Any delay on your part could complicate things further and could even prove to be life-taking both for you and your baby.

4. Eat a healthy diet

Eat healthy if you don’t want to complicate things further. A healthy diet facilitates the healthy growth of your baby and boosts your internal health, thereby preparing your body for the immense strain of labor and delivery. Fatty foods, junk foods, sugary foods (especially in the case of those with gestational diabetes), high-in-salt foods (especially in case of those with conditions like pre-eclampsia and eclampsia) should be avoided.

5. Ask a doctor for advice on exercising

Exercising can improve the physical as well as the mental health of the would-be mother. But for women with high-risk pregnancy issues like low lying placenta exercises are not advised. Ask your doctor about the same to clear your doubts. Never start exercising without a doctor’s advice.

6. Be vigilant

When you have a high-risk pregnancy you must be vigilant. You must watch out for symptoms and inform your doctor without delay. Symptoms like bleeding, spotting, or lower abdominal pain could eventually lead to a miscarriage or stillbirth. But, if the doctor acts on time such unwanted consequences may be avoided too. So, never delay informing your doctor in case you notice something that’s fishy.

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