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Why are the Vultures Protectors of Nature?

Vulture helps the environment and ecosystem, Arulagam Basis informs

Monday, 10th May 2021

The scavenger bird ‘Vulture’ can be our true friend as they can check certain illnesses which may in other cases go on to infects various animals along with livestock and other people. Recently Arulagam Basis, a reputed NGO that mainly focuses on vulture conservation within the much-acclaimed Nilgiris Biosphere has uploaded a video on Instagram where they have explained why actually the vultures are Nature’s protectors.

“Human race has encountered many viruses like COVID-19,” states S Bharathidasan, the founder of Arulagam Basis, including, “As proven within the video, our wealthy biodiversity performs an enormous position in retaining the germs at verifying. Of the various organisms, vultures, as carcass feeders, play a major position. Although there isn’t a direct relationship between vultures and COVID-19, it’s excessive time we realized their significance and guarded them. The scavenger birds maintain the important thing for a pure mechanism of infection management.”

The look of the vulture is often repulsive for many and so is the feeding behavior. But, in this context, it must be noted that vultures are instrumental in the cleaning up of the environment and in maintaining the wholesomeness of the ecosystem.

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“The sweetness is, regardless of feeding on a contaminated carcass, vultures don’t get contaminated. The acids of their abdomen are potent sufficient to kill the pathogen. Thus, the chain of infection is damaged. It invisibly controls the unfold of dangerous pathogens inflicting lethal anthrax, cholera, foot, and mouth illness, rabies, and distemper,” informed Bharathidasan.

Additionally, the Vultures prevent the pollution of the water sources within the set up of the ‘wild’ woods. When an animal dies in the vicinity of a water body within the forests, imminent risk of contamination of the entire water body crops up lead to a speedy train of infections among other animals and mass animal demise

However, vultures usually consume the animal carcasses completely thus preventing a tragic occurrence. Regardless of this fact, the significance of vultures in this ecosystem will never be comprehended, he comments.

“In India, we have now 9 species [of vultures]”, informs H Byju, who in the e-book ‘Valley of Hope’ has written about why the vultures stand out to be indispensable for biodiversity. He, being an unbiased researcher, conservationist and photographer inform that in the state of Tamil Nadu, one can catch a glimpse of the Indian vulture; i.e. the long-billed vulture, then the Egyptian vulture, the white-rumped vulture, the red-headed vulture. These varieties of Vultures can be seen at the Moyar Gorge, coming within the Nilgiri Biosphere perched amid the Western Ghats.

“Within the final 4 years, the inhabitants have grown by could also be 10 p.c. One has to find out about Nature and the aim of scavenging to grasp why vultures matter.”

Restoring the vultures is a challenging activity as these birds are actually sluggish breeders, states Bharathidasan.

“In the event that they change into extinct, there shall be an enormous ripple impact. Different scavengers like rats and canine might take over, briefly, however with that comes issues like the elevated incidence of rabies. Based on scientific research, a veterinary, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug known as diclofenac administered to cattle had led to a catastrophic decline of vulture species within the South Asian area. Although diclofenac is now banned, different equally dangerous medicine are nonetheless in use,” he further informs. Bharathidasan, however, is still hopeful that the vultures shall swing back to giant numbers again and will be circling across the sky-scape.

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