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Thursday, 20th May 2021

Referred to as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is a unique melting pot of cultures while at the same time maintaining its quintessence of what we call ‘Bangaliyana’ (the typical attributes of a ‘bong’ or ‘Bengali’ native). The city is backed by its rich history and can thus be looked upon as a historic wonder.

The architectural splendor of the city, its age-old streets and buildings, rich & colorful art galleries, historical significance, and vibrant culture undoubtedly make Kolkata a unique medley with an irresistible old-world charm.  Kolkata is famous for many things- its desserts especially the rasagolla, its meetha paan, its tant handloom sarees, its tram (the one and only in the whole of the country), and more!

Even the several monuments dotting the city need a mention. Read below to learn about the top monuments of Kolkata:


James Prinsep Monument

This monument was built in the year 1841 in memory of James Prinsep, an Anglo-Indian scholar. The monument is located in the Hastings area and has the most amazing Vidyasagar Setu at its backdrop. People flock in large numbers at the place to spend some leisure hours and River Hooghly’s mesmerizing views make the place all the more charming.

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Metcalfe Hall

The Metcalfe Hall located on the Strand Road presents a glamorous fusion of Greek revival and the neoclassical style of architecture. It is an old building and it is now a museum replete with interesting artifacts. The building’s construction was completed in the year 1844. In those days, the building housed the Calcutta Public Library. Dwarkanath Tagore, World poet Rabindranath Tagore’s grandfather was the first proprietor of that library.


Lake Town Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is situated in Lake Town and falls on the way towards the international airport of Kolkata, the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport. The monument resembles the Big Ben of London and is, in fact, its replica. The clock tower is differently referred to as Kolkata Time Zone and consists of 4 big-sized clocks in four different directions. The height of the clock tower is 135 ft and catches the attention of anyone moving past it.


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