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Message States Google Meet and Zoom Hosts Can Detect Which Apps Are Used by Participants in the Background

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Friday, 11th June 2021

With an ongoing pandemic, virtual meetings have become a norm with students and work professionals alike across the world. Two of the most popular video conferencing platforms, Google Meet and Zoom are being used by millions, be it large-scale organizations, enterprise customers for work meetings with colleagues, or organizations such as schools and colleges to hold online classes.


However, according to a recent communication doing the rounds in the internet world, there will soon be a new feature that will be introduced by Google Meet. By virtue of this attribute, it is believed that the host will now be able to detect which other apps are being used by the participants in the background.


The information has been revealed in a screenshot that is circulating on social media, of what looks like a tweet by Google India. According to the particulars of that message, “Google Meet will introduce new feature soon in which the host will able to know which app the participants are using in the background.”


According to another message that claims to have been posted on Twitter by Zoom, the video conferencing service has already introduced this feature.


It says, “Zoom has introduced a new feature in which the host will now be able to know which app the participants are using in the background.”


After some investigation, it has been discovered that both tweets are phony.

Two main reasons behind this conclusion are:

  • Such a feature whereby Google Meet and Zoom hosts can know which apps are being used by participants in the background would have surely caused a big stir in both domestic and international media as it directly abuses privacy rights.


  • Style errors and grammatical mistakes in both posts raise wariness about their authenticity. Besides, both tweets make use of similar language, an implausible context given they are two distinct entities.

On the official Twitter handle of Zoom too, no posts similar to this one that went viral were found. While Zoom’s official Twitter handle is just “@zoom”, the tweet was made from the handle “@zoom-us”.

Similarly, as per the screenshot of the alleged Google India tweet, it was posted from “TwitterDeck”. However, the official handle of Google India is called “TweetDeck”, and there is nothing called “TwitterDeck”.

While it is likely that such a feature may get appended by video conferencing services in the near future, it is confirmed that the attribute has not yet been announced.

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