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A new and the largest of all dinosaur species discovered in Australia, researchers say

A new dinosaur species unearthed in an Australian farm…Learn more…

Monday, 14th June 2021

Australian scientists have found out a new dinosaur species, discovered in the year 2007, as one of the largest ever to be traced on this continent. The species is called ‘the southern titan’.


Australian cooperensis is the other name for this species. It is one of the 15 largest species of dinosaurs found globally. Experts believe that the rare titanosaur would possibly have been nearly 6.5m (21ft) in its height and 30m in its length, or "as long as a basketball court".


The skeleton of this unique creature was discovered for the first time in farmland in Southwestern Queensland.

Paleontologists were engaged in intensive research across the past years to identify this dinosaur species- distinguishing this particular species from the various other prior identified species. The research involved the act of comparing the bone scan of this species with those of the other sauropods.


The Sauropods were famed for their massive size. They were herbivorous, came with small heads, long necks, long tails, and pillar-like, thick, sturdy legs. These dinosaurs roamed across the continent in the Cretaceous Era, nearly 92-96 million years back. The researchers’ team had given a nickname to the dinosaur while researching it. It was called Cooper and it got its name from Cooper Creek in the vicinity to which it was discovered. The identification procedure had been a pretty lengthy one because of the bones’ remote location and the size they had and their delicate condition.

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But lots of the dinosaur remains were discovered in intact condition, stated the researchers the Eromanga Natural History Museum and the Queensland Museum. The team of researchers discovered that the Australotitan was quite similar to 3 other species of Sauropod- the Savannasaurus, Diamantinasaurus, and the Wintonotitan


"It looks like Australia's largest dinosaurs were all part of one big happy family," stated Dr. Scott Hocknull, one of the team’s leading researchers.


The bones of the creature were found for the first time in the year 2007 on one of the family farms in the vicinity to Eromanga, which actually belonged to two of the dinosaurs, said researchers Stuart Mackenzie and Robyn.


"It's amazing to think from the first bones discovered by our son, the first digs with the Queensland Museum, through to the development of a not-for-profit museum that runs annual dinosaur digs, all have helped us to get to this point, it's a real privilege," stated Stuart Mackenzie.


The State Government of Queensland welcomed this classification heartily on Tuesday- referring to it as a boon for the local dinosaur-related discovery.


"Australia is one of the last frontiers for dinosaur discovery and Queensland is quickly cementing itself as the palaeo-capital of the nation - there is still plenty more to discover," stated Dr. Jim Thompson, chief executive; Queensland Museum Network.


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