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Designer and entrepreneur Neha Kabra of MAATI, a PETA Verified Brand shares journey.

Neha Kabra's entrepreneurial path…get full details…

Thursday, 1st July 2021

Neha Kabra always knew she wanted to work in the design industry, so she studied at Raffles Mumbai while also doing a fashion design degree.

She collaborated with other designers who travelled to Mumbai and worked at Lakme while in the capital city.

To explore what she could settle on, she worked as a sales lady, a graphic designer, and a variety of other positions.

Neha travelled to London after studying design at Raffles and enrolled in a course at Central St.Martin to learn pattern cutting, as well as the practicalities of fashion.

She had always wanted to achieve something on her own, something in her own style, since she was a driven and ambitious young woman in college!

Prior to her trip to London, Maati and the concept of sustainability came into play as a result of her own research, and the brand's germination began.

Neha is from Udaipur, and she expresses gratitude for her upbringing in a nature environment that taught her to live sustainably and simply.


Maati began in December of 2017.

Before formally launching the brand, Neha and her team held a little pop-up in September to give their clothes a trial run before releasing it. She considers the journey to be lovely, with its own highs and lows.

“The mission of Maati is to allow your mind, body, and soul to breathe while being a platform where one can buy sustainable products at affordable prices; moreover, it is a package of all things good, leaving behind a mark of goodness which is a bit lacking in today's times,” she says with confidence and humility.

Neha's voice is heard. “I enjoy traditional workmanship; I admit that I am not particularly technologically savvy, and I learnt the communities that are now the cornerstone of my path over time.

Neha's advise to budding entrepreneurs is to trust their instincts, not to be disheartened by brief lows, and to remember that it all adds up in the end.

She concludes by adding that while it is impossible to always mimic someone's entrepreneurial journey, it is an experience best observed personally.

MAATI is an acronym for the Maastricht Agreement on

Maati - the term comes from the soil because we all come from it and dissolve in it.

Maati by Neha Kabra is an Udaipur-based contemporary womenswear line that appreciates the need of striking a balance between efficiency and individuality.

Maati is also a PETA-certified environmentally friendly brand. It attempts to be cautious at all times and to keep the sustainability goal in mind.

A portion of the fabric is repurposed, the dyes and print colours are derived from nature without damaging it, and the packaging is free of plastic.

Maati's philosophy is to grow alongside everyone else, thus it's a very genuine and honest clothes and fashion initiative.

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