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Cloud bursts linked to forest fires?

Study indicates association of cloud bursts with forest fires.

Friday, 2nd July 2021

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, a recent study showed that there is a link between the formation of tiny particles and the size of cloud droplets formed by the condensation of water vapor and forest fires.


They added that the number of such particles, called cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), was found to have peaks associated with wildfire events.


The Joint Ministry of Science and Technology reported that scientists from Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna University (HNB) Garhwal and IIT Kanpur jointly measured the activation of cloud condensation nuclei and studied their influence on high-altitude cloud formation and the complexity of local meteorological phenomena. under the influence For the first time, studies have been conducted on different climatic conditions in the ecologically sensitive areas of the central Himalayas. In the original Himalayas of the Himalaya Cloud Observatory, 4,444 cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) were measured by the CCN counter of droplet measurement technology (DMT), which can be activated in the presence of supersaturation (SS) and turn into mist or droplets of clouds. HCO), Swami Ram Tirtha (SRT) campus of Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna University (HNB) Garhwal, Badshahithaul, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.


This observation was carried out in cooperation with Garhwal Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna University (HNB) and IIT Kanpur, a project funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Climate Change Planning Division. The changes in CCN are diurnal, seasonal, and monthly The scale.


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The first study published in the Journal of Atmospheric Environment showed that the highest concentration of CCN is related to excessive wildfire activity in the Indian subcontinent.


There are other peaks that are also associated with various events, such as long-distance transportation and local residential emissions.


This research may help improve the understanding of the complex storm mechanisms, weather forecasts, and climate change conditions in this Himalaya region.


"This research will help map the sources of pollutants that reach the high altitude area of ??Garhwal Himalaya. In addition, it will better understand the cloud formation mechanism and extreme weather conditions in the area," said the Ministry of Science and Technology.


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