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Stories for Youthful India: Amar Chitra Katha to dispatch new series with easier narrating.

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Thursday, 8th July 2021

Perusing is a fundamental piece of improvement for little youngsters and Amar Chitra Khatha (ACK) gives the most brilliant books to instill the propensity for perusing. Be it incredible epic, folklore, or history - the narratives in these books have been passed down from one age to another.

 Established in 1967 by Anant Pai, this social wonder declared another coordinated effort with HarperCollins India on Monday. In the first-of-its-sort organization, one of the significant parts in the child's distributing portion in the nation has warmly greeted one of the main distributing houses on the planet. This joint effort plans to bring more account and simpler narrating to a more youthful fragment of the youngsters.

 In the public statement, Preeti Vyas, president, and Chief, of Amar Chitra Katha Pvt Ltd, was cited saying, "We are excited to team up with HarperCollins India to bring the excellent folktales of India from our notorious comic books into an intriguing new organization for more youthful perusers.

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Since our comic books are normally perused by kids in the 8-14 age bunch, we accept that these early part books will help us take these connecting with stories to a more youthful age gathering and open up our secret stash of stories to another crowd. HarperCollins Youngsters' books India and Amar Chitra Katha share a similar obligation to developing the perusing propensity among Indian kids and we are sure that this series will carry numerous long periods of happiness to minimal Indian perusers.

 Further explaining on the cooperation and the drive, Tina Narang, distributer, HarperCollins Youngsters' Books, said, "Amar Chitra Katha has a particularly solid history of distributing for kids, ages have grown up perusing ACK funnies. Thus, we are pleased to introduce a first-time variation of these famous funnies into an account design for small kids. We are dispatching this new drive with the Amar Chitra Katha Folktales Assortment.

 Anticipating a long and productive relationship with ACK and to bringing out a lot more assortments in the months and    a long time ahead. While ACK is a caretaker of in excess of 400 funnies in 20+ dialects that have sold 100+ million duplicates; HarperCollins India gloats of distributing the absolute best authors from India and all throughout the planet, distributing around 200 new books each year, with a print and computerized index of in excess of 2000 titles. The new series will have more vital, craftsmanship, combined with basic narrating. The famous Amar Chitra Katha comic books have made an uncommon spot among perusers - youthful and old. The accounts in the new series have been adjusted straightforwardly from the funnies for youthful perusers without precedent for the type of a section book!


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