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What makes Okra an anti-diabetic super food

Learn about the benefits of Okra for the diabetics.

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021

Okra, commonly referred to as Ladyfinger is actually a flowering plant belonging to the mallow plant family. The green edible seed pods that the plant yields are widely used in Indian cuisine and make a super delicious warm-season veggie. The veggie is packed with vital nutrients and comes as a boon for diabetics and cancer patients. The veggie contains nutrients such as Vitamin B and C, calcium, potassium, and folic acid. It is also loaded with fiber and has significantly low-calorie content.


Here’s how the veggie can help the diabetics…read on:

Studies show that Okra can be quite beneficial at the initial stages of the metabolic disorder referred to as Diabetes. Studies further revealed that those who drank the okra water daily reported a drop in the levels of their blood sugar. Also, the roasted seeds of Okra have been in use for many years in Turkey for Diabetes management.


The high fiber content of Okra results in the slow absorption of it from the intestines and this helps in stabilizing the levels of blood sugar. It also boosts insulin sensitivity and facilitates improved glycemic control. The fiber content of Okra also keeps cravings for sugary foods at bay by keeping on fuller for longer hours.


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Stress induces diabetes by leading to a rise in the levels of blood sugar. The high amount of antioxidants in Okra helps you manage your stress thereby helping you manage your diabetes as well.


Those with diabetes also tend to have high levels of cholesterol. The antioxidants and fiber in Okra can lower cholesterol levels thereby helping you avoid the complications associated with Diabetes.


Okra can be incorporated into your daily diet in several manners. Learn…

  • You can make sabzis by combining okra with tomatoes and onions and relish the same with chapattis, rotis, etc.
  • You can soak diced Okra in water overnight and drink that water on an empty stomach the next morning.
  • You can make use of the Okra peel for garnishing your food items
  • Dried seeds of Okra may be used in powdered form as an anti-diabetic supplement.


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