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An MBA graduate turned his father’s Dosa trolley into Hyderabad’s most iconic “Bandi”

Unique story for a MBA grad father…Know more…

Tuesday, 17th August 2021

For more than 30 years, this restaurant has been selling delicious dosas and idlis throughout the city.

Ask any Hyderabad where to eat the best dosa or idli in town and they will tell you Ram Ki Bandi. This handcart (bandi) is known for its butter dosa and smooth idlis, and was founded in 1989 by a humble man named Lakshman Rao Shinde.

"My father used most of his savings to buy this car as a means of earning a living for our family. We ended the month with my income. This includes my education expenses,” Lakshman’s son Ram Kumar Shinde (35 years old) recalled, who now took over his father’s business.

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Secrets of Success

Despite the financial crisis Lakshman Rao still works hard to save money and educate his son. At first, he started by preparing simple dosas and idli, and then served with sambar and chutney. Although the family’s income is less, it is enough for them Continue on the next day.

 Lakshman has no helpers except his 80-year-old son Ram.

"I help the gang every day. My father will park it in different places to attract different people. We start our day at 5 in the morning, and I will help until 8 in the morning. I can wash the containers, Cut vegetables, assist in the cooking process, and serve customers. Then, I'll go to school, "Ram said.

 After graduating from school, Ram continued to receive higher education and completed an MBA at a university in Hyderabad.

"In 2010, I went to the Science Park with which I went to I interviewed several companies, but I never accepted their offer because the salary was very normal. Deep down, I have a voice that tells me that if they pay me money, my future will not be stable. So I decided to join my father's business, "Ram said.

A unique experience

Ram took office in 2011 and began to follow the same conventions as his father. But soon, he found that his income had not changed. They are facing larger business outlets, and most of their customers are eager to take a quick bite.

"We don't have enough money to open a great restaurant. Most days, he spends more money on this job than his income. So I decided to add variety to our menu and introduce the same dishes in different styles. So we have schezwan dosas, tawa idlis, cheese dosas, pizzas, etc.," Ram said, adding that news of these dosas quickly spread throughout the city and hungry customers began to arrive. The price of

Simple dosas is about 50 rupees. The new dosas cost more than 100 rupees. However, the 150 rupees pizza dosa sells like hot cakes. Ram said that even today, this is a favorite of his customers.

"One day, when we parked our car in our usual place, Nampally, a customer asked me if I would open early. He said that most employees who leave work at 3 am would benefit from our delicious breakfast," Ram said.

The next day, the Fatherson duo opened their booth at 3 am to provide services to hungry office workers and did not go home until 8 am. This is their biggest sale ever, serving more than 100 customers in one day. Since then, so far, Nampally's positions have been opened earlier.

Regarding the heritage of Ram Ki Bandi, Ram said: People come to the stall not only to taste our food, but also to have a unique experience.

On a quiet street, from midnight to early morning, you will only find our Bustling stall. Even foreigners visiting the city will stop by Bandi to taste the crispy cheese dosa, it is always part of their itinerary, I think it is our fast service, hot food, wide variety of menus and moderate The price keeps us close to their hearts.

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