Draft of a key climate report by the UN’s IPCC got leaked. It said fossil power plants must close by the next decade

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Leaked IPCC Document States Greenhouse Emissions Must Peak by 2025

IPCC Report leaks suggest that the picture is bleak enough

Tuesday, 17th August 2021

According to a leaked draft of a key climate report scheduled for release next year, the emission of greenhouse gases across the globe should peak by the year 2025 and fossil fuel power plants must close over the next ten years.


The draft is the third part of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which is the world’s leading authority on environmental science.


As per sources, a small group of scientists took the decision to expose the draft because they feared it would be diluted by governments, who hold the right to make alterations in the “summary for policymakers”.


The draft says that it is going to be necessary for CO2 emissions to reach their limit by 2025 and then to get to net zero between 2050 and 2075. Moreover, there should not be any new coal or gas plants built. Besides, said the draft, the ones that are currently present should also cut down their useful life (usually more than 30 years), to around a decade.


IPCC comprises some of the world’s most renowned scientists and leading government representatives.

The first part of the sixth assessment report dealt with the “physical science of climate change” was released on August 9. IPCC is currently working on the second part of this report. The next part will have them working on the impacts and the last will look into the ways of cutting down human influence on climate change. This is expected to release after March 2022.


As per the report, “rich people, in every country” are “overwhelmingly more responsible for global heating than the poor, with SUVs and meat-eating singled out for blame”.


It has been stated that the fight against energy poverty was no different from the climate crisis. The draft has been quoted to say, “This is so because the big emitters are the richest: the richest 10% emit ten times more than the poorest 10%. That is why increasing the consumption of the poorest to basic subsistence levels would not increase emissions much.”


The first part of the report that was based on 14,000 scientific papers studied by 234 experts, opined that the world will not meet its target of keeping global warming to under 1.5°C, over pre-industrial levels and that this will be exceeded in the coming 20 years.


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