Heart disease and diabetics

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People with diabetes are more at risk of heart disease;Prevention tips

How to prevent risk of heart disease and diabetes…

Tuesday, 14th September 2021

The diabetes mellitus is associated with a high probability of contracting cardiac disease. The data of national American heart associations showed that 65% of people with diabetes dies of a kind of heart disease or stroke.

 Diabetes type 2 mellitus is associated with two or four times more possibilities for developing heart disease, and is one of the main causes of death in these people. 

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The Framingham Studio showed that more health factors, including diabetes, could increase the possibility of developing heart disease, including high blood pressure, smoke, breast breast level and a family history of early heart disease.

In general, if a person has more risk factors for cardiac diseases, then it is more likely to die for it. For example, people with diabetes mellitus with another risk factor for cardiac diseases have two to four times more chance to die with respect to the average population with the same risk factors.

Thus, although, even if a person with a risk factor for health, such as blood pressure, can have some chances of dying heart disease, diabetes is double or even quadrup the risk of dying. Another study found that people with diabetes who did not have other risk factors of heart disease could be five times more likely to die with hard borders than those without. 

Heart disease experts recommend that all people with diabetes have the risk factors of their cardiac disease treated aggressively as those who have already had a heart attack.

Why does diabetics at risk of heart disease

One of the most common causes of heart disease and diabetes is the hardening of coronary or atherosclerosis arteries? Atherosclerosis is the filing of cholesterol in blood vessels that provide oxygen and nutrition to the heart.

When these cholesterol plates are broken, the body repairs them by sending the platelets to seal them. These platelets accumulate even more to form a thrombus that leads to a complete blockade of blood vessels that feed oxygen and nutrition to the heart, which causes infarction not only people with diabetes have an increased risk of diseases Cardiac, but they are also at greatest risk. For heart failure, a serious medical condition in which the heart cannot pump blood properly.

 This can lead to the accumulation of fluids in thelung which causes difficulties to breathe or withholding liquids in other parts of the body (especially the legs) that causes swelling.

Cardiac attack symptoms

 * Lack of breath.

 * Vertigo sensation.

Excessive sweat and unexplored

 * Shoulder pain, jaw and left arm.

 * Pain or pressure on the chest (especially during the activity). 

 * Nausea

Not everyone has pain and these classic symptoms of a heart attack. This is especially true for women. If one has one of the previous symptoms, you must immediately communicate with a doctor.

Tips to prevent diabetic heart disease

 * Stay your blood sugar as normal as possible.

 * Controls the blood pressure and try to keep it around 120/80 mmHg. Take regular drugs to achieve this goal if is required

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