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In India, there are 31,923 new COVID-19 cases, up 18% from yesterday.

Latest updates of Covid-19

Thursday, 23rd September 2021

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Kerala supplied 19,675 new cases and 142 deaths, bringing the total number of cases to 45,59,628 and the number of fatalities to 24,039. Since Tuesday, a total of 19,702 people have recovered from the virus. There are presently 4,81,195 persons in various districts under surveillance, with 4,57,822 in home or institutional quarantine and 23,373 in hospitals.

Maharashtra's infection count has climbed to 65,31,237, with 3,608 new cases. In addition, the state recorded 48 more virus-related deaths, bringing the total number of people killed to 1,38,664. There are currently 39,984 active cases in Maharashtra.

The active cases account for 0.90 percent of total infections, the lowest since March last year, according to the Union Health Ministry, while the national COVID-19 recovery rate was 97.77 percent, the highest since March 2020.

The daily positivity rate, which is the number of positive cases found per 100, is 2.09 percent. For the past 23 days, it has been less than 3%.

So far, 83.39 crore vaccine doses have been given out as part of the nationwide vaccination campaign.

The Centre has notified the Supreme Court that the state governments will pay 50,000 ex gratia to the families of individuals who die from Covid. Significantly, compensation will be awarded not only for deaths that have already occurred, but also for deaths that will occur in the future, according to the top court.

Since the pandemic began in January 2020, India has documented approximately 4.45 lakh Covid-related deaths. Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi have already offered compensation for families who have lost loved ones due to Covid.

In the wake of a spat with the United Kingdom over fully-vaccinated Indians being forced to quarantine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for "mutual recognition of vaccine certificates" to make foreign travel easier. Despite the fact that Covishield is now a permitted vaccine under the UK's new travel requirements, Indians are still needed to quarantine due to "vaccination certification difficulties."

The US government approved the use of boosters of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine for those over 65, adults at high risk of severe disease, and those working in high-exposure jobs on Wednesday. As a result of the announcement, a large portion of the population — tens of millions of Americans — will now be eligible for a third injection six months following their second.

Since the outbreak in China in December 2019, the coronavirus has killed at least 4,705,691 people. With 678,420 deaths, the United States is the worst-affected country, followed by Brazil (591,540), India (4,46,050), Mexico (272,580), and Russia (200,625).


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