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Havana Syndrome Case Detected in India: All About the Mysterious Illness

What is Havana Syndrome?

Friday, 24th September 2021

A recent case in India where a visiting US CIA official developed symptoms similar to a mysterious condition known as ‘Havana Syndrome’, has raised heightening concerns among other officials of the body. The little-known-about illness has been detected for the first time in India, but it is not a rare occurrence among American politicians and diplomats who travel overseas.


What is Havana Syndrome?

The strange illness had first occurred in 2016 in Cuban capital city Havana among some spies and diplomats who were on international soil and in recent times it is believed that US Vice President Kamala Harris along with her entourage who traveled internationally had suffered from the symptoms of Havana Syndrome.


Although the exact origins of the disease have not been discovered yet by researchers, it has been associated with ‘microwave’ radiation, sonic weapons, and in some instances even psychological illness.


In medical parlance, the disease is referred to as a neurological disorder that manifests in varied ways including dizziness and sleep abnormalities.

People afflicted with the illness have even complained of other symptoms like uncomfortable physical sensations.


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Symptoms of the disease

While continued research about the disease is still underway, those who have suffered it have reported strange symptoms that could go on to affect their brain, hearing, or even waking patterns. Some known symptoms include dizziness, constant buzzing in the ears, tough physical sensations, difficulty sleeping, nausea, brain fog, severe headaches, ‘hyper-aware’ or fearful and extreme fatigue.


Theories behind the cause of Havana Syndrome

While still inconclusive, researchers believe the most common cause is microwave radiations, specific ultrasonic weapons, or chemical or radio waves which could be specifically targeted towards the diplomats by sources.

Certain experts also opine all the symptoms, while disjointed amongst themselves, maybe manifestations of stress as people who have been affected by the disease are those holding high-tension job profiles.


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