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Highest Ever Weekly Spike in Covid-19 Cases Seen In India

Highest COVID-19 Surge recorded…learn more…

Monday, 22nd March 2021

India has logged its sharpest single-day surge in Covid-19 cases this week with a 67 percent rise in infections and recording 1 lakh more cases as compared to the previous week. 

Fatality levels have also seen a spike this week with a 41 percent surge and recording a figure of 1,239 deaths, which makes it a nine-week high. However, the death toll is still lower when compared to earlier times when such high figures in daily cases were being recorded.  

In the week from March 15 – 21, India recorded more than 2.6 lakh new positive coronavirus cases as opposed to the week prior to that when the total number of fresh cases recorded stood at 1.55 lakh. This surge makes it the worst ever since the beginning of the pandemic. 

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Prior to this, the sharpest weekly rise in the total number of fresh cases was recorded in the week of July 20 – 26, 2020, of 34 percent when there was an increase of 80,000 cases as compared to the previous week.

The country saw 47, 047 new cases on Sunday, which makes it the highest in the past 130 days, ever since November 11, 2020. The state of Maharashtra reported its highest-ever single-day spike with 30,535 new cases, placing it in the middle of the worst ever coronavirus crisis in the state.

The daily number of deaths was recorded to be 213 in the past 24 hours. This is the first time that it surpassed 200 since January 13 and is the highest in the past 72 days, that is since January 8. The maximum caseload was borne by Maharashtra that reported 99 deaths due to Covid-19, followed by Punjab 44, Kerala 13, Chhattisgarh 10, and Tamil Nadu 9. 

Out of the total number of 2, 60,518 cases recorded in the entire country, Maharashtra alone contributed to 1, 65,269 cases. The state recorded more cases this week than it had in the entire month of February (1, 28,671 cases).

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